Sports Report – Chev v Oxley (Round 1) – Chevalier College
22nd August 2020

Sports Report – Chev v Oxley (Round 1)


It was the ‘frozen bubble’ for sport on Saturday with our new competition between Chevalier College and Oxley College (in place of our participation in the ISA comp, due to Covid safety measures), but players who were able to run, catch, pass, kick, tackle, shoot or hit, all enjoyed being able to play. Spectators socially distanced, and the sensible ones stayed in their cars! The ‘feels like’ temperature did not rise above 0º all day!

The Chev v Oxley games were very much closely contested and teams were just excited to be playing again. Our Year 12s will actually have some memories of their final season of Covid19 Winter sport.

The day at Chev began with Netball and Tennis. Yes, Tennis in 60km per hour winds! – but this did not worry the young stars in our Chev teams. Standout performances on the court from David E., Stevie B., Saaya KC., and Conor S.

The Junior Netball teams were excited just to be playing in the MPH, with most not having had this opportunity so far. Allison C.’s Junior D – Chev 10 – Year 7 team protected their undefeated record.

In the Hockey over at Oxley, the Year 7 Chev 4 team started the day winning 3-0 with Emma C. scoring 2 goals. Best on field were Lucy C. and Millie S.

The Rugby boys at Chev were excited to be back on the muddy paddock. Lots of points were scored in the younger age groups. In the entertaining 13s game Finley C., Max A., Hugh W. and James H. starred.

In a very good quality 1sts game, Chev played well and ended on top 31-17. Players deserving mention were Mark A., Jackson P., Jaydan E. and Captain Jackson P.

The Soccer Girls at Chev were also impressive. In a big win for the Inters, Maya F. scored 5 goals. The 1sts had a great tussle and just managed to be ahead at the end of the match. In a 3-2 win the Chev scorers were Erin S., Charlotte H. and Maeve S.

In the Soccer Boys at Oxley, Kath M.’s 13s kept up their winning ways. The 1sts finished the day playing in sleet and very chilly conditions. Harry P. scored an amazing goal with his head and this was enough for a 1-0 win.

See gallery below for some great shots from the day!

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Andrew Bell
Administrator – Extra Curriculum