Historical Matters – Chevalier College

Historical Matters

Responding to the Past, Protecting our Community today.

At Chevalier College the safety, wellbeing and protection of each and every one of our students is our highest priority.

We are committed to educating and nurturing students who go out into the world with hearts strengthened by God’s inclusive kindness and love, qualities which today’s world needs now more than ever before in history.

We openly acknowledge the dark chapter in the history of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, that some children were harmed during their time at Chevalier College.

Our previous Provincial, Fr. Chris McPhee, has publicly acknowledged these failures, the pain they have caused and the unreserved apology to those who experienced abuse during their time at Chevalier. You can read the apology here.

We support the Provincial’s apology and express our profound sorrow for the hurt and suffering these actions have caused our past students and their loved ones.

Our school is very much a different place today and we have in place comprehensive and regularly reviewed child protection policies and procedures, backed by staff training and mandatory reporting obligations that protect all our students. You can read here a summary of all our actions, procedures and processes that support the safety of all our students.

We reiterate our encouragement for any person who may have experienced abuse to come forward in the manner and time of their own choosing and we are aware that this takes enormous courage to do so.

For any person who has evidence of criminal conduct, they should report that to their local Police.

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart are committed to responding to those who have experienced abuse in the past and their website provides links to the resources, support and information available for any person coming forward. You can access the website here.