Faith Formation – Chevalier College

Faith Formation

Faith Formation and Mission

Retreats and Liturgies

Liturgies and retreats have an essential place in the life of our college.

We celebrate liturgies at key points in the year as a witness to our commitment to being a Community of Prayer and Action.  Like true gifts of the Holy Spirit, our Catholic faith and participation is never imposed, never forced onto others. It is offered at key times to be, hopefully, freely accepted.

Liturgy offers a space for the subtle growth in us all, of a deeper intimate relationship with Jesus, lived in our relationships with all of whom we come into contact.

Our student retreats offer every student the opportunity to engage in a program that is carefully designed to be sequential for students to experience intellectually and sacramentally God’s love at work in their lives, so as to deepen their spirituality.

Social Justice

We strive to live the vision and mission of Fr Jules Chevalier by raising our awareness of the place of social justice in our daily lives, locally and globally. As members of the Chevalier College family and a global society, the teaching and practice of social justice principles provides each of us with a framework on which to live the values of mercy, compassion, inclusion and equality. The learning and application of social justice principles are imbedded within our teaching programs at Chevalier College and in the way we relate with one another.

Social Justice principles are also addressed through a variety of social justice initiatives such as: The Red Cross Appeal, St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal & Christmas hampers, The Gethsemane Project, The Ration Challenge, Caritas Projects and other projects as they arise.

Our college immersion programs – currently Kiribati and Outback Australia – provide opportunities for Year 11 students to develop a greater sense of social justice issues ranging from climate change, to poverty and isolation by spending 15 to 20 days immersed in the lives of the people of Kiribati or outback Northern Territory & Western Australia. The students share these experiences with the college community upon their return.