Technology – Chevalier College



The evolving technological world over the last decade has changed teaching practices and learning opportunities significantly.

We aim for our students to develop essential digital literacy skills during their time at Chevalier College, which will assist them to be connected safely and purposefully in the digital learning world.

We are committed to providing an environment that ensures:

  • a positive and compelling learning experience through the use of digital technology
  • our students are active learners through their use of digital technology
  • internet safety for all
  • digital privacy and security for all
  • cyberbullying is not acceptable.

What devices do students use at Chevalier College?

Chevalier College Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program

From 2024, the preferred device for all students is a MacBook Pro/Air. Please see the table below for specifications.

We have partnered with EducomIT, a registered Apple provider, where you can purchase your device should you wish.  Here is a link to EducomIT’s Chevalier College portal.  This link offers the models which are accepted, including two Windows laptop options if you are unable to purchase an Apple device.

EducomIT also provide after sales care and servicing.  They are located at Smeaton Grange which may be more convenient for you than travelling to an Apple store, if you have to take your device to be fixed.

IMPORTANT: students cannot bring iPads, Android tablets, Google Chrome devices, or devices running Linux to the College.

Operating System macOS 15 or higher
(for Windows laptops:
11 Pro)
Processor (CPU) M2
(for Windows laptops:
Intel i5/AMD Ryzen 5)
Wireless 5GHz (Dual Band) 802.11n 5GHz

Recommended the device supports 802.11ac

Screen Size 13” recommended
Storage capacity minimum 256 GB
RAM minimum 8 GB recommended
Battery life minimum 6 hours or more
Required accessories

Please note: Damage to the device while at school is the responsibility of the family, not the College.

Protective Case/Cover


Antivirus Up-to-date Antivirus e.g. Sophos (Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows laptops)
Software The College will install required software such as Office 365 during the first week of Term 1.
Warranty We strongly recommend you purchase AppleCare or a 3-year manufacturer warranty.
Backup Students are encouraged to back up their laptop to e.g. iCloud, OneDrive, external hard drive etc.




Whilst student devices are connected to the Chevalier Network, internet access is both filtered and logged using School Manager by Family Zone.

Chevalier is currently partnering with Family Zone to launch a trial of a new device management service. The service will provide parents with visibility of their child’s device, and tools to manage access to apps and internet when not connected to the school network.


Digital technologies are integrated in all areas of teaching and learning and these are a few examples of the infrastructure that supports this:

  • A sophisticated learning management system – Canvas enables easy collaboration and remote access to learning resources for students and teachers.
  • Professional recording studio in the Performing Arts Centre.
  • Online streaming of educational video resources and professional tutorials when off site.
  • Every corner of campus has fast and efficient wireless network.
  • Interactive, wireless projectors in every classroom.
  • Firewalls, filters and regular audits of activity to protect students from unauthorised content.