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Academic Care

Academic Care

The interconnectedness between academics and wellbeing is a given at Chev. When we bring these two elements together we see students reaching their individual potential.

This model of ‘academic care’ is at the heart of Chevalier College’s learning philosophy: we believe that academic success is hard to achieve if a student’s wellbeing is not in balance.  Combining pastoral support with academic attention results in students who whole-heartedly embrace their life choices and, importantly, enjoy their time at high school.

We call this a ‘heart-centred education’ and are extremely proud of what we achieve through this approach. We also ensure that the heart-centred ethos and mindset is applied to all decisions whether at top-end leadership level or in the daily interactions of running a classroom of teenagers.  It is not regarded solely as something to be taught; this is who we are as a community.

In order to deliver a genuinely heart-centred education we have invested significantly in our resources, with a dedicated team made up of two Assistant Principals, an Academic Care Coordinator, two full time Counsellors (both are qualified psychologists), Wellbeing Coordinators, and Home Room Teachers who are responsible for the pastoral care of their own groups of students.  Your child always has a wide choice of safe, trusted adults to approach should they need guidance, support, or just a helping hand on a tough day.

Our core philosophy is to bring out the best in every student; we aim to give the same attention to the high academic achievers as we do to those whose strengths are in other fields.  We aim to prioritise every student’s wellbeing.