7th June 2021

Positive results for Round 6 sport with happy, good vibes – just like Downtown!

For those who had a chance to see, listen and enjoy the dazzling entertainment – how good was DOWNTOWN! Congratulations to all involved in this feel-good musical production that had everyone ‘forgetting all their troubles’ and singing along.

Sport on Saturday started off a bit chilly but ended up a beautiful day wherever the Chev teams were playing.

Results across the board were very, very positive, and a great finish to the Term 2 Winter competition.

Starting off with our Year 12 1sts  and senior teams – every Chev 1sts team were WINNERS, finishing the term on a high and happy.

At home, the Girls 1sts Soccer (5-0) and Netball (55-41) were winners against Barker.

Away for the teams against St Paul’s, Blue Mountains, Oxley and St Andrew’s it was a similar story.

All of the Netball teams at school were winners.

Special mention to Tim Byrne and Nat La Garde’s Netball teams who have battled hard all season and had very uplifting victories on Saturday.

So on a sunny, shiny happy day it all ended with everyone feeling GROOVY!

Download RESULTS ISA Winter Round 6

VIEW the Downtown gallery below…

Andrew Bell
Administrator – Extra Curriculum