ISA Winter Round 4 – Chevalier College
24th May 2023

ISA Winter Round 4

Football (Soccer) – Boys

Firsts lost 2 – 1. Very evenly contested game in tough conditions. Great goal scored by Hanley S.

Seconds won 7 – 0. Difficult conditions as it was very windy. Two boys from the 15’s boys helped out with player numbers and both played very well.

15s drew 5 – 5. This was the first time we had met Oxley since the 2022 Grand Final. Like last year’s game at Oxley, the weather was awful, with a strong southerly really making life difficult for the players. Chev was 1-4 down at the end of the first half, but managed to gain a lead of 5-4 with a few minutes to go. Unfortunately, Oxley was given a penalty with a just a minute remaining, which they were able to convert to make it a 5-5 draw. The Chev boys played very well but have a bit of work to do to cope with windy conditions.

Football (Soccer) – Girls

Firsts lost 7 nil.

Junior As lost 4 nil. Everyone tried their hardest and kept fighting all the way to the end.

Junior Bs drew 1 – 1. Our first time in the Highlands saw us take part in a very exciting game that went from end to end. Evie S scored our first goal for the season and we led for much of the game. Great defence from our back four kept us ahead, but Oxley scored after some sustained pressure. Miami P had a strong game up front and Ella P created many opportunities with her runs through the midfield.


Junior As lost 2 nil. Despite not winning, the game was an even match between Chev and Central Coast. The girls had a great game.


Firsts won 57 – 53. Great contest in the local derby which saw a very competitive match between Oxley and Chev. Great shooting from Annabel B combined with a whole team effort in attack and defence saw Chev come out winners.

Seconds won 36 – 28. With many of the team off sick, we had a great win against Barker.

Inter As lost 36 – 42. They played a very good game against a determined Oxley side. It was the closest game all season and will provide much needed confidence for the team.

Inter Cs won 31 – 26.

Inter Ds lost 25 – 41.

Junior As won 52 – 13 against Oxley (after Mercy Rule was invoked). A wonderful display of College spirit, skill and humility. An extra special visit too from Father John!

Junior Cs won 41 – 19. A very dominant performance from the unbeaten Junior C team. After pulling ahead to a 23-2 lead at the half, we sat the WD out and swapped some players around into some new positions to try out. The team worked extremely hard in the second half to take the win. It was a great display of teamwork and athleticism and a testament to the hard work put in so far.

Junior Ds won 27 – 2 against Oxley. The mercy rule was invoked at half time. The girls drew inspiration from the firsts playing next to them and are playing so well as a team. They are proud of their achievements so far and have been a pleasure to coach due to their improved skills and teamwork.


Firsts lost 3 nil. A hard fought match between two very even teams. Chev played their best game of the season against very good opposition. We were adventurous and disciplined in attack and defence. A late penalty goal to Oxley drew the only points in the game.

15s lost 7 – 38 to Oxley.

14s lost 10 – 44.


Chev 1 defeated Oxley 4 sets all Chev won on count back 33 games to 24.

Chev 2 lost to Oxley 3 sets to 5, 33 games to 38.

Chev 3 defeated Oxley 8 sets to 0, 48 games to 14.