Chev Celebrates! 75 Years – Chevalier College
1st July 2021

Chev Celebrates! 75 Years

Just over 75 years ago, in the Southern Highlands, on an estate known as Riversdale, Chevalier College first planted the seeds of its mission to grow young hearts and minds.

The Chevalier story began in February 1946 with a gathering of just 40 boys, along with the staff of 8 priests and 5 brothers from the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

Its humble beginnings could so easily have ended in its first chapters. Many economic forces and other factors were against the school succeeding, but our founder and first students remained strong in faith, embodying the school motto ‘Fortes in Fide’.

Today, Chevalier is a flourishing college with 950 students and some 130 staff. More than 14,000 alumni have graduated with an ‘education of the heart’ and can claim a sense of kinship with that first Chevalier gathering.

A heart-centred community remains the most valuable and defining feature of Chevalier College, where everyone is welcome and valued as a member of the ‘Chev Family’. 

At a festival held on Friday 11 June, our Sacred Heart Day, the college brought together past students, staff and MSC with the present community as one big ‘Chev Family’ in celebration of its 75th Anniversary.

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