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Year 10 Wilderness – Solo Expedition

Year 10 Wilderness students recently completed their 24 hour Overnight Solo expedition. During this expedition students are isolated from their peers in a forest location and are required to construct their own natural shelter to sleep in overnight, as well


ISA Athletics Carnival 2018

It was a cracking day at the ISA Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 11 September, both weather-wise and results-wise.

All the students competing at this event did the school proud with their efforts and doing their best.

Many students competed in …


Counselling Chronicle (10)

Issue Ten…

Encouraging Helpful Thinking

Our brains are constant instant messaging machines. They communicate a variety of information from our environment and seek a variety of input from us. It can feel as if we have an internal ‘narrator’ that


Community Fair 2018

On Wednesday 5th September, Year 9 students at Chevalier College hosted the annual Community Fair. A highlight of the Chev calendar since the 1990s, the multicultural themed Community Fair presented a wonderful variety of flavours and culture from every corner


Wakakirri Secondary Schools Challenge

On Wednesday 29 August, Dance teacher Anna Chapman and PDHPE teacher Kassandra Gaspi took  28 Chevalier College students down to Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre for the Wakakirri Secondary Schools Challenge.

The Wakakirri Dance Ensemble, with students in Years 7-12, has spent …


Great designs for tiny houses

In Term One, as part of a unit of study in Technology, Year 7 students were given a task to develop a proposal and complete a design folio to build a tiny house. The ‘tiny house movement’ is a description


The Great Chevalier Ball

This year’s Chevalier College Presentation Ball held on Friday 31 August was another outstanding success and a wonderful night to be cherished in the memories of all who attended.

The young women and men from Year 11, elegantly turned out …


Two week exchanges a possibility

Ever thought of going on teacher exchange but unable to spend a year overseas?

Short exchanges to Canada are now a possibility through the IEU’s teacher exchange program.

Alberta teacher Sue Mills and Chevalier College Bowral teacher Ali Montgomery recently …


Throwback Thursday Chevalier College Presentation Ball

Chevalier College’s Year 11 students will celebrate in style on August 31. They will be dressed in style for the annual presentation ball.

To get in the spirit of the occasion the Southern Highland News takes us on a short


Building Blog – August update

Both new buildings at Chevalier College are currently on schedule and really taking shape!

READ MORE and see the images in the Building Blog August progress report


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