Redress Matters

Redress Matters

We unfortunately find ourselves at a time in the world’s history when the Catholic Church is facing considerable challenges coming to terms with devastating cases of historical institutional child sexual abuse. Many parents and students reading the story of Jules Chevalier’s vision for the Catholic church might be saddened by the contrast between his pure and heartfelt message and the associations which the word ‘catholic’ now presents to many people.

At Chevalier College we are not naïve and we acknowledge this sadness, and the devastating impact these events have had on the lives of those affected. It only makes us more committed to educating and nurturing students who go out into the world with hearts strengthened by God’s inclusive kindness and love, qualities which today’s world needs now more than ever before in history.

Today at Chevalier we have in place comprehensive and regularly reviewed child protection policies and procedures, backed by staff training and mandatory reporting obligations that protect all our students.

You can read more about our comprehensive response to the Redress Scheme here:

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Chris McDermott