Ties for Trinity – Chevalier College
25th May 2022

Ties for Trinity

Can you imagine what it would be like if Chev was underwater?

Al McRae can, given his school – Trinity Catholic College Lismore – is non operational due to flooding. We are so pleased that Al has joined Chev for part of this year to continue his studies. Al has shared some images (which you can see below) and his story with his peers.

Our students wanted to show their support, and so last Friday we had the ‘Ties for Trinity’ fundraiser. Well done to our Clancy and Riversdale Captains for organising this initiative:

“Organising this event we recognised how lucky we are for our own school environment and wanted to help those from Trinity in Lismore who are not so fortunate, having their school damaged by the floods. The day turned out to be a great event for our community to band together for a good cause and as a leadership team we would like to thank everyone who got involved.”

Georgina M, Clancy Captain

Al’s family have a long and strong connection with Chev. Grandad, Bernard, is a Chev Pioneer – one of our first students in 1946. Bernard and Dorothy have 4 children, all who attended Chev. They also have 4 grandchildren who have attended Chev, when Al joined us this year that made 5. Al is living with his aunties and uncles and enjoying their good care, along with spending time with his cousins.

It was lovely to have a cuppa with Bernard, Dorothy and Alistair; share with them the ‘Ties for Trinity’ initiative; and hear wonderful stories about their fond connections with the College.

We wish Al all the best for the remainder of his stay at Chev, and we will keep him and his Lismore community in our thoughts and prayers.