Sports Report – Chev v Oxley (Round 2) – Chevalier College
31st August 2020

Sports Report – Chev v Oxley (Round 2)


Beautiful one day , perfect the next. That was the Southern Highlands this weekend. Sport was played in beautiful weather and our Chev grounds looked fantastic. Many more smiling faces during the morning with kids just happy to be playing.

Netball commenced proceedings at school with our Inter girls taking on the Oxley 1sts. In another high scoring, high quality game the Oxley Girls prevailed. The Chev Inter C team keep giving Coach Andrea S. heart palpitations with close, close scorelines.

The Chev 1sts had a good win with Summer L. and Molly P. impressive.

In the Netball at Oxley the Chev 9 team had the most exciting game of the day winning by 1. Special mention to star shooter Sophia T.

It was a good morning for Hockey at home. The undefeated Chev Squad 4 (Year 7) won 3-0 with Jemma C. scoring 2 and Claire M. scored 1. Chev 2 and 3 were both winners.

The 1sts had another very close game. An early goal from Grace H. and very late goal from Mackenzie S. made the 3-0 win secure.

In the Rugby at Oxley the 13s had their first win in a high scoring game 48-40. Max A. scored 4 tries and the other try scorers were Fin C., Jarvis C. and Ryley G. Rookie Coach Josh H. was pretty chuffed!

The 14s had a big win and the 15s went down by one try in a much improved performance. Best for the 15s were Cyprian S., Declan O. and Matt C.

The Chev Tennis teams played over at Oxley and the Chev Team 1 drew with Oxley 4 sets apiece. Gabe M. was the standout player.

The Chev Team 2 defeated Oxley 8 sets to 0. Scarlett H. and April D. played well.

Chev Team 3 lost to Oxley 7 sets to 1. Praptika KC won the team’s first game of the season with a nail-biting 6–4 singles victory.

The Soccer Girls had mixed results at Oxley with the 1sts disappointed, losing 2-0. The Inters fared better with a 4-0 win – Maya F. (2), Amelia C. and Tannah W. the scorers. Sarah R, was probably Chev’s best.

The Junior Girls keep improving and results are all positive despite the scoreline.

The Soccer Boys was a similar story with a very disappointing performance from the 1sts Boys. A 1-4 half-time scoreline improved in the second half with two goals from Will P. 

The 2nds game was better with a 3-2 win – Griffin L. scored 2 goals.

Interesting stats in the Chev v Oxley Highlands Cup competition — in the 1sts matches it is 1-1 in the Netball, Hockey, and Girls and Boys Football.

So all to play for 2020 bragging rights this coming Saturday.


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Andrew Bell
Administrator – Extra Curriculum