Near perfect score – a spectacular result for Chevalier College – Chevalier College
13th May 2020

Near perfect score – a spectacular result for Chevalier College

Year 9 Agriculture students claimed the major prize for Chevalier College at The South Coast Beef School Steer Spectacular over the weekend with a record-breaking score for the middle weight and grand champion carcase.

The gold medal champion steer was an 8 month old Murray Grey named ‘Q 119’ by the students, bred by Rod Hoare, Cadfor Murray Greys, Binda. “This is the second year in a row we have partnered with Rod and Helena, and both years walked away with a gold medal, champion middle weight and grand champion carcase result” said Hayley Mahoney, Agriculture Teacher and Show Team Coordinator for this competition and program.

The students had two steers to prepare for the competition. The other one was an Angus X Limo, given the really original name of  ‘Angus’ by the team, which was bred by Ron Arthur. Angus placed third on the hoof.

The Year 9 Agriculture students took on the competition as a class project, breaking in the steers, feeding and preparing them, with the assistance of the Show Team students – all whilst overcoming the challenges of Covid-19.

“Traditionally it’s a two-day show”, said Hayley, “with workshops on day one and exhibiting the steers on day two. Obviously this could not occur, so the organisers live-streamed the live judging on the Thursday and the carcase results on the Saturday. This way the students could still see and hear what was happening.”

“It was great to see the steers go from paddock to plate.”

“After the disappointment of the Sydney Royal Show being cancelled, it meant a lot to the students to be able to participate in this comp. To see their steers being judged and commented on. It was almost like we were there but without the 4am start! It was great to see the steers go from paddock to plate. The students were very excited about the competition and the win.”

The record-breaking 99/100 score on the hook was an amazing result to achieve in this competition, producing a prized perfect body of beef for any butcher or restaurant.

“Jervis Bay Meat Company in Vincentia will process the carcase – so you know where to go if you want some good quality beef!” said Hayley.

Asked about career options from the Agriculture and Primary Industries courses taught at Chev, Hayley offers this advice to students – “Agriculture is booming and in particular with technology. You don’t need to be a ‘farmer’ to be involved in agriculture. To get into a career in agriculture you can get work straight after school, and go to TAFE or university for further study.”

“You don’t always need a qualification to get into agriculture – you need passion, be reliable, be willing to work hard. For every university graduate, there is at least 7-8 ag related jobs waiting to be filled. It’s the one occupation that provides for everyone as least three times a day – for breakfast, lunch and dinner!”

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