ISA Summer Round 2 – Chevalier College
2nd November 2023

ISA Summer Round 2


There was a mixed bag of results for Round 2.

The Firsts boy’s basketball team survived a nailbiter. They had two injuries and four fouled out.  The opposition also had four fouled out, so we went into extra time with only two on two players.  Excitement became chaotic but the Chev boys won a tense game.


1sts won 49-44. Tense game. We had two injuries four fouled out.  The other team also had four fouled out.  We went into extra time with only two on two players.  Excitement became chaotic but we won in the end.

17’s – won 24-17

15’s – lost 35-45

14 A’s – won 33-14

14 B’s – lost 13-25. We played well at the beginning of the match but lost energy and momentum towards the end of the game.

13’s – lost 11-36


1sts – lost 23-100. A tough game playing a very experienced and skilled Barker team.
Our girls could walk away with their heads held high. Their focus was on their own game plan and working on key areas they wanted to improve and focus on which they will then bring back to training and further refine.

Junior A’s – won 49-18. The game was a much stronger and cohesive performance by the girls. They have implemented strategies and tactics practiced at training. Alongside this, the fitness component on training has been paying dividends.

Junior B’s – lost 6-26


1st XI – lost 10/188 (48.5) to 9/189 (48.4) 

2nd XI – Opposition team forfeited.  


1sts – played two games., losing the first 3-7 and winning the second 17-2.

Junior A’s – won 9-3

Junior B’s – lost 1-7.

Junior C’s – played two games. They lost the first game 6-10 and lost the second game 1-7. The boys played well in their first game. Using the learned skills and teamwork. Game 2 highlighted the need for fitness, training and teamwork.


1sts – were presented with their Firsts singlets on the weekend. They won 6-0. The girls played a very strong game against Redlands College. Cindy J was a standout demonstrating agility and speed scoring a number of tries during the first half.

2nds – lost 3-10. The Girls had a tough game this week with only 1 substitution player. Lucy G and Grace D were standouts during the game scoring a number of tries.

Inter A’s – played two games. They lost to Scots All Saints 2-7 and lost to Kinross Wollaroi 2-8. Both teams from the Central West were very skilled and played cohesively together. They represent possibly the strongest teams in our competition. Our team played very well with an exceptionally high work rate and motivation. Heidi P scored 2 runaway tries against Scots and Aida scored 2 tries against Kinross. In one try Aida achieved an intercept with a cricket first slip like catch, surprising everyone, even herself, and ran the length of the field to score. Big thank you to players who assisted from Inter Bs (Matilda) and Junior Bs (Imogen, Jess and Evie). They all played so well and we are very thankful for the efforts.

Inter B’s – drew 2-2.

Junior A’s – won 4-0.

Junior B’s – Drew 3-3.