Community Fair – Chevalier College
6th September 2019

Community Fair

On Wednesday 11th September, Year 9 students at Chevalier College will host the annual Community Fair. A highlight of the Chev calendar since the 1990s, the multicultural themed Community Fair presents a wonderful variety of flavours and culture from every corner of the world.

Creating this vibrant, colourful food festival encourages the students to work collaboratively for a charitable cause. Themes of ecology, social responsibility, cultural empathy, multicultural appreciation, Christian ecology and environmental ethics are studied in Religious Education classes as part of this program.

All proceeds go towards the MSC Mission fund in support of our sister school in Kiribati, as well as a range of other needy causes, including the current drought.

Community Fair Coordinator and RE Leader of Learning Jane Lowe said that for the past few years, in keeping with the Year 9 study on Catholic environmentalism, the college has paid more attention towards reducing the waste generated by the fair and dealing with it in a more environmentally conscious way. “We’re trialing a new system this year” Jane explained, “where each stallholder team manages their own waste into recycling, green compostables and landfill categories. We’re continuing to use a range of compostable catering and packaging items which further reduce our impact on the environment and hope that the community continues to support this process as we step up our efforts each year.”

We look forward to seeing you there!