Chevalier College Presentation Ball dances around COVID-19 – Chevalier College
9th July 2020

Chevalier College Presentation Ball dances around COVID-19

Usually held annually in August, the Presentation Ball is the social highlight of the school calendar for Year 11 students at Chevalier College – and COVID-19 was not about to spoil the party.

The ball committee has been hard at work preparing for the event, determined to overcome the enormous challenges of this year because, as spokesperson for the committee Michelle Feely avows, “Covid will not take away the school’s traditions.”

Though it’s not possible to hold the event in 2020, the committee and the college are delighted to announce that they have been able to secure the ever-popular John Field Band, catering by In House Chef, and a special Guest of Honour for the Year 11 Class of 2020 Presentation Ball, now to be held on Friday 19 February in 2021.

As always, the theming details remain top secret until the big night, but the transformation of the school hall for every Presentation Ball is unique and spectacular for this ‘night of nights’ at the college.

The impact of this event on the students’ study demands in their HSC year; and also the fact that some Year 11s will leave school this year required close consideration. Principal Chris McDermott said “we are in different times which require different thinking.”

To address these issues, a lengthy schedule of weekend rehearsals has been cut down to just one session; and any Year 11 students who leave the college at the end of this school year will be invited to attend the 2021 February ball as a guest.

“There will be some changes to the normal proceedings on the night” said Mr McDermott, “but the changes will facilitate more time for students and their families to party.”

“The decorations committee and the college are confident that the 2020 ball will be as wonderful and memorable as previous balls. The committee has continued its work during COVID-19 and I have to say, it is impressive to say the least.”