International Women’s Day Speech – Chevalier College

International Women’s Day Speech

“Hear me as a woman, have me as your sister, on purpled battlefield breaking days, so I might say our victory is just a beginning, see me as a change, say I am movement, that I am the year, and I am the era of the woman – Amanda Gorman.


Feminism is not complicated,

Feminism is not about overpowering men,

Feminism is not about making men into women, or women into men,

Feminism is respect

Feminism is political, economic, personal, and social equality.

If you’re not angry then you are not paying attention, at the moment there is an estimated 136 years needed to reach full equality worldwide. Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, Congo, Chad, Somalia, Pakistan, women have been erased. In Afghanistan woman are condemned if they use public transport, gym, or parks without the company of the other sex, and they are not allowed to leave their house unless for urgent matters. These laws are gender-based discriminant policy. 136 years, if she is lucky, yet she won’t, and I won’t see what our world could be.

My voice may be heard, but my voice still shakes, I have been silenced for too long.

She has been silenced for too long.

The stigmatisation of the sexes is clear neglection, neglection of humanity, for what reason?

Is only half of the population relevant? Is her education not necessary?

Because she’s a woman.

Is she respected, or is her body not her choice?

Because she’s a woman.

Does her cockiness provoke you?

She’s a woman

“..have women worth, or have they have none?

She’s someone.


– Elizabeth K Year 10