Scholarships – Year 7, 2022

Scholarships – Year 7, 2022

For Year 7 students entering the college in 2022, we are pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to apply for three scholarships, largely due to the generosity of the philanthropic supporters of the college.

These scholarships have been created to honour three great men, all of whom had a close relationship with the college and its history:

1. Fr Tyson Doneley msc OAM
2. Victor A. Consunji
3. Hon. John Fahey AC

All our scholarships are intended for students from families whose financial circumstances would otherwise make it challenging to enrol their child at Chevalier College. In addition, there are other attributes being sought in the young people fortunate enough to be offered these scholarships, such as academic aptitude and involvement in volunteer and extracurricular activities e.g. sport, music, drama.

These are competitive scholarships but each is also financially means-tested for applicants. Generally the means test indicator would be that a family is in receipt of a government support benefit of some kind.

In addition to these scholarships, Chevalier has bursaries and fee relief programs for students to support families who could not otherwise afford to enrol at our college but who believe it is the best educational option for their child.

Selection Criteria

1. The financial need of the family is genuine and able to be evidenced. Generally if a family is in receipt of a federal family benefit or would qualify to receive it, then that is an indicator of reasonable financial need.

2. Prospective students should have a demonstrated aptitude and personal motivation for continual academic growth.

3. Prospective students should be active, if not proficient, in one or more interests outside academic pursuits such as sport, music, arts or other extracurricular interests. Activities that demonstrate citizenship through volunteer work/activities will be well regarded.

4. Prospective students should possess values and behaviour that are consistent with the MSC ethos. The scholarship will cover all or part of the tuition fees deemed mandatory by the college for the completion of years 7-12.*

*Refer to the college fee schedule for details regarding what is covered in tuition fees.

Please note:
5. In applying for this scholarship you are giving Chevalier College permission to contact the current school the prospective student attends, to obtain a confidential verbal reference from the relevant staff of the school.

6. Unsuccessful applicants for the scholarship will be contacted if eligible for a confidential discussion about our existing financial assistance program.

How to apply for the Scholarship

Applications close Friday 23rd of April 2021

Students/Families interested in being considered for this Scholarship should:

1. Obtain an enrolment package from the College by contacting the Enrolments Officer on 4861 1488 or downloading from the website here.

2. Complete the enrolment application form. Submit along with the application fee.

3. Complete the scholarship application form provided here.

4. Attach a cover letter, headed Scholarship Application – Parent/Caregivers, of no more than one page, written by the parent/s or caregiver/s of the student applying, stating why, as parent/s or caregiver/s, you would like your son/daughter to attend Chevalier College under this Scholarship program.

5. Attach copies of any awards the student has received from school and/or other organisations, including up to two personal references.

Ensure all this information is lodged with the College by 23 April 2021. Applications should be addressed to the Enrolments Officer.

All applications will be reviewed by a panel including current members of the Chevalier Community. Short listed applicants will be asked to attend an interview at the College. The successful recipient will be notified as soon as possible and will be expected to commence in 2022 at the College. Please note: In applying for this scholarship you are giving Chevalier College permission to contact the current school the prospective student attends, to obtain a confidential verbal reference from the relevant staff of the school.

For any questions please contact the college enrolments officer, Jenni Woods on 02 4861 0524.