Year 10 Wilderness – Solo Expedition

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Year 10 Wilderness – Solo Expedition

Year 10 Wilderness students recently completed their 24 hour Overnight Solo expedition. During this expedition students are isolated from their peers in a forest location and are required to construct their own natural shelter to sleep in overnight, as well they are to be entirely self-sufficient for the 24 hours.

The weather conditions for this trip added another level of challenge for the students who had to endure wind and rain throughout their experience. But to their credit, all the students successfully completed their Solo.

The Solo proves to be a very empowering and reflective expedition for the students as they are totally disconnected for the entire period and, apart from building their shelter, they must rely on their imagination and only a pen and paper to entertain their thoughts.

Students often consider what is of true value in their life and the direction they want their life to take. As they engage with the idea of senior studies and life beyond school the Solo experience allows “an overwhelming sense of calm and clarity – to consider my direction”, as one student put it.

Images from 2015

Students tend to gain an understanding of the greater capacities they possess from this experience, which is incredibly empowering and an invaluable life skill.

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Tim Small
Wilderness Teacher

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