Wakakirri Secondary Schools Challenge

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Wakakirri Secondary Schools Challenge

On Wednesday 29 August, Dance teacher Anna Chapman and PDHPE teacher Kassandra Gaspi took  28 Chevalier College students down to Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre for the Wakakirri Secondary Schools Challenge.

The Wakakirri Dance Ensemble, with students in Years 7-12, has spent the last few terms planning, choreographing and rehearsing for this performance in their morning or afternoon rehearsals. This is the first year Chevalier College has been involved in the Wakakirri Challenge and it was certainly worth it!

The Challenge requires participating schools to create a story dance using dance, dramatic movement, acting, sets, props, lighting, projections and music. This year, the Chevalier College ensembles told a story titled ‘Our Society’ that explored the way similar human experience can unite us, despite individual differences in background and upbringing.

The Chevalier College Wakakirri Dance Ensemble

The Chevalier College Wakakirri Dance Ensemble

It’s a requirement for secondary schools that students do 60% of the work. This means that all students were involved in creating the story and designing costumes and props, with senior students choreographing and teaching the majority of the dance. On the performance day students also had the opportunity to rehearse with industry professionals who gave them feedback on their performance and assistance in backstage and lighting. The environment created by the organisers on the day was very positive, encouraging schools to cheer each other on and enjoy the day together.

The Chevalier College Wakakirri Ensemble received the following awards for their performance: Best Teamwork, Best Individual Costume Design, Excellent Ensemble and Well-Rehearsed Performance.

We also received nominations for Excellent Soundtrack Mix, Excellent Group Dance and Excellent Theme/Concept.

These awards and nominations are a true testament of the hard work and time all the students put into the performance and the cohesion they developed as an ensemble.

Congratulations to all involved!


FURTHER READING… Chevalier College wins ‘Excellent Ensemble’ at 2018 Wakakirri Story Dance Challenge, Southern Highland News, 15/9/18

Debra Cloran
from a report by Anna Chapman, Dance Teacher

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