Visit to Sunnataram Forest Monastery

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Visit to Sunnataram Forest Monastery

On Tuesday, May 19th the Year 11 Studies of Religion (2 Unit) students visited the Sunnataram Forest Monastery at Bundanoon. Despite the wet weather it was a very enjoyable day. We began the day with a 10 minute guided meditation from the resident monk, Phra Mana, and presentation on the various aspects of Buddhist life and teachings.

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Year 11 ‘Studies of Religion’ students visited the Sunnataram Forest Monastery in Bundanoon – May 2015

We presented the monks with offerings of food and observed how, in contrast to our western way of life, they chanted thanks for their meal. We then enjoyed our own vegetarian lunch provided by them.

Phra Mana gave us a tour of the grounds, explaining to us the importance of each statue on the ‘Gratitude Pagoda’, and allowing us to walk the path beside the ‘River of Effort’ and up the ‘Silk Road’. He also explained how the spinning marble ball represented our minds, which are constantly going and used their 3D world map to explain how Buddhism spread across the world.

Our excursion to the Sunnataram Forest Monastery was an enriching experience and a great learning opportunity.

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Report by Year 11 Students – Megan O’Hea, Rebecca Walker and Caitlin Ross
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