Vinnies Van in Wollongong: Game of Homes

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Vinnies Van in Wollongong: Game of Homes

A wonderful program that Chev students have been involved with this year is the Vinnies Van in Wollongong.

On Friday 14 November four of our student volunteers were featured in a promotional story for this service by journalist Hannah Hughes for St Vincent de Paul.

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Vinnies Van in Wollongong_Game of Homes

From left Year 12 (2015) students: Sebastian Vozzo, Matteo Baldini,¬†Alyssa McDonald and Isabella Lawrence ‘were fantastic representatives of their school.’ – (Hannah Hughes)

With thanks to the students and Chev Science Teacher, Deb Rossiter, for highlighting the positives for all with this much needed project.

See their story at:


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