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The 2015 season of Mock Trial is now well and truly underway. The Chevalier College Mock Trial Team has taken part in two trials to date, playing against local schools, the Southern Highlands Christian School and St Paul’s International College. These two rounds resulted in wins to our team.

Mock Trial- Scales of Justice1_webIn the first round, against Southern Highlands Christian School, we had a resounding win, with a 67 point margin between the teams. In the second round, against St Paul’s International School, it was another good result, but with a tighter margin of only 12 points, which reflected the fact that both teams were strong and well prepared.

Our team is a good mix of genders, with six girls and four boys making up the team. Each team member has had an opportunity to take on a key role in one of the trials, that of a barrister, a witness or a solicitor. They have performed these difficult and intricate roles with distinction.

So, where to from here? Well, provided we keep winning, we should be able to qualify for the elimination rounds, which begin in late July. These elimination rounds are contested by the top 64 schools across the state. These 64 schools are the elite schools which have managed to be undefeated in the first four rounds of the competition. So far, so good, but we have to maintain our unbeaten record, which is easier said than done. Stay tuned for further updates.

The ten members of our wonderful 2015 Mock Trial Team are Year 11 students: Brodie Ackroyd, Hudson Alexander, David Bermingham, India Brown, Annabelle Devitt, Cameron Douglass, Harry Fenton, Magill Lee, Mariette Lewis and Jennifer Murnane.  

Stephen Holmes
Mock Trial Co-ordinator
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