Sports Report – ISA Round 5

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Sports Report – ISA Round 5

Saturday started early for most, with lots of away games on the fixtures list. There were 14 Chev Teams playing at Central Coast Grammar School with Hockey, Rugby and Soccer all on show. Other teams were playing up at the Blue Mountains, in Penrith and in Sydney. At home we had a few games of Netball, Soccer, and the Tennis Teams played at home for the first time this season.


The Tennis players obviously enjoyed the home-court advantage against Oxley as they served, volleyed and smashed their way to big wins for all teams. All players played well, but Chev’s Tennis Sams were standouts – Sam Crittenden and Sam Harrison.

In the Netball on the home-courts the Junior A1 and Junior C Teams continued their improved form against St Andrews and St Spyridon.

And for the Soccer Teams who played at home it was a good performance by the Junior B Girls against Oxley, but the 13B Boys and 2nds Boys were up against the top sides in their competitions. The 13Bs played Blue Mountains and the 2nds played St Pius, with both teams having some high quality players. The end results were not flattering, but our boys tried until the final whistle.

Elsewhere across NSW our Hockey Girls had a good day out. The Girls 1sts had a high scoring fixture against Central Coast, but the hosts scored a few more than we did. The 2nds and 3rds Hockey Girls also managed plenty of goals in good wins.

The Netball Girls at Barker had a few nail-biters. The 1sts scraped in by 2 and the 2nds by 1. The best players for our 1sts were Maddie Brennan, Maddie Clegg, and Clover Menzies.

The Rugby Boys likewise had close contests against Central Coast. The 14s, 15s and 16s were winners, but the 1sts had another close defeat. Conor Balaam was the team’s best.

The Open Soccer Girls were at Oakhill and Barker. Our 3rds had a great 5-1 win. Isabella Malcolm scored 3 and Kenzi Skepper, who normally plays in goals, scored her first ever goal! Apparently the bus trip home was far from peaceful!

In the Boys Soccer at CCGS the 13s, 14s, 15s and 16s were all winners. The 13s scored 8 with Aidan Finlan scoring 4, and Michael Alexander 3.

It was great for all teams playing away to have the support of their teammates from other sports. It’s always good to hear a word of encouragement and support from the sideline.

So Round 5 done and dusted… We are half way through the season already! Players and Coaches will be looking forward to a Saturday off this coming long weekend.

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