Sports Report – ISA Round 1

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Sports Report – ISA Round 1

The wet weather may have caused lots of fixtures to be cancelled, but not those at Chev.  The grounds at the College drain remarkably well and full credit goes to our grounds staff who managed to prepare the fields in trying conditions during the week.

So the Soccer and Hockey at home went ahead, as did all the Netball with all Chev Netball games played away. The students in teams were all excited for their first games and it’s pleasing to report some pretty good results.

In the Hockey, the 1sts had a bye so the 2nds took centre stage and clawed their way to a 2-1 against Redlands.  Goalscorers were Bree Crouch and Sarah Carnahan.  Both Junior sides also had good wins to start the season.

In the Netball, teams were spread around NSW – up on the Central Coast, up in the Blue Mountains and in Sydney as well.  The 1sts started the season really well with a close win against Central Coast.  Chev’s best were Clover Menzies, Bridget Shirlow and Maddie Brennan.  The 2nds also had a good win against Oakhill.

In the Soccer, the boys and girls at home enjoyed their matches despite some teams getting a bit damp later in the day. The boys 1sts had a confidence boosting win against St Pauls. This is their first win for three seasons (having previously been in the tough 1st Division). Goalscorers were Morgan Horn and Connaugh Maggs. Best in a good team effort was the entire back line and mid-fielders Hugh McRae and Taylor Delahunty.  The 13A, 14A, 15A teams were also winners.

For the Soccer Girls the 3rds and Junior As played Oxley in history-making games as this is the first time Oxley have had girls’ teams in the competition.  The 3rds were tied at 2-2 with little time remaining on the clock, but Oxley managed two late goals to finish on top.

The Junior As dominated from the start and racked up a big score against the Oxley newcomers.  It’s fantastic to see the Oxley girls in the competition.  Click for results sheet…

Andrew Bell
Administrator – Co-curricula
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