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Liturgy enjoys an essential place in the life of Chevalier College. It’s a word for the action of a Community at Prayer. At Chevalier, we do this at the start and end of the academic year, before Easter, for Jules Chevalier Day and Sacred Heart Day, for our Year Group Retreats, our Year 12 Valedictory and for Grandparents’ Day, to name most gatherings.

At such gatherings, we take time out from the plethora of College activities, to be still, listen to our hearts, to God’s Word from the Bible, to the words of College leaders, in lovingly prepared and decorated settings with music, dance and art…. all towards allowing our hearts to be touched, moved, depthed a little more by the Charism or Spirit that permeates our Chevalier College Family.

A Charism is a particular way of looking at Jesus… At Chevalier College, we focus on the heart of this beautiful human being Christians accept as God-with-us. In Jesus we see revealed most fully in a human being, in a human heart, something of the compassion, gentleness, hospitality, humour, forgiveness, patience… and the other ‘faces’ of God’s love; we are all challenged to “be on earth the Heart of God”. Liturgy offers space for the subtle growth in us all, of this deeper intimate life-receiving life-giving relationship with Jesus, lived in our relationships with all of whom we come in contact.

Since human hearts are open-to and accessible-to this life, this relationship, Liturgy is a powerful means for this growth to happen ever so subtly, for we all, students and staff, to become the best human beings we can be, capable of making our world a better place because we’re in it.

Liturgy may be described at Chevalier as an essential educational tool. Like true gifts of the Spirit, it is never imposed, never forced onto others. It’s offered at key times to be, hopefully, accepted freely. We all bring ourselves with our hopes, dreams, brokenness, suffering, joys… to these gatherings of gentle, subtle transformation. Watching all members of the Chevalier Family interacting daily at Chevalier, as well as at Past Student gatherings, gives one great hope that, through Liturgy, this beautiful human growth continues.

Fr Terry Herbert msc
Chevalier College Chaplain

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