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Spiritual Life

This caring community holds the belief that the heart of education is the education of the heart.

Sacred Heart Day 2014_Chev Community Photo

Sacred Heart Day – Chev community gathering

Students in Years 7 and 8 are introduced to ‘heart centred’ learning and welcomed into the family atmosphere of ‘Home Room’ at Chev.  All students participate in the full and vibrant spiritual life of the College.

Annual retreats for each year group are a vital part of the Chevalier College journey. The liturgical life of the College is an important way students can celebrate the love of Jesus.

Each year the College student leaders develop a theme through which the community as a whole can express the MSC charism (compassion, social justice, building community, service, hospitality, sense of humour).

In 2020 our theme “Learn the Art of the Sacred Heart’ invites each member of the Chevalier community to look closely into their own heart and the hearts of others.

‘Learn the Art of the Sacred Heart’ means to live every day in the belief that ‘God is Love’ and that our daily actions reflect this belief. We look to Jesus in the Gospel stories to learn how to live each day with compassion, love, understanding and courage. It is through our actions and ‘MSC way of being’ that Jesus’ compassion and love is felt.

The Sacred Heart is a very powerful symbol which reminds us that Jesus loved all of humanity. Fr Jules Chevalier wrote that it means that when we relate to each other we do so with compassion, kindness, humility and we ensure that we open our hearts to people in our community who are sad, alone, dejected and disadvantaged. It is only when our hearts are open to the needs of others that the presence of God is felt.

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St Paul’s, Moss Vale

If you are a member of St Paul’s Parish Moss Vale, we invite you to obtain an information form from the parish office (9am to 1pm, Mon, Thurs, Fri | 12 to 5pm Wed) or download from http://www.stpaulsmossvale.org.au/

For any other enquiries please phone 4868 1931.

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