Real world workplace education key to economic future

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Real world workplace education key to economic future

A recently published report, ‘Perceptions are not reality: myths, realities & the critical role of vocational education & training in Australia’, clearly shows the key role of the VET sector as the first foundational rung in Australia’s future economic prosperity, asserts Social Researcher Mark McCrindle. “In a multi-career era, it is upskilling and retraining that will create a nimble and relevant workforce. In this technologically transformative society, today’s new workers will have to be lifelong learners, with hands-on skills not just academic qualifications.”

VET graduates earn wages comparable to, if not exceeding, that of university graduates.

VET graduates earn wages comparable to, if not exceeding, that of university graduates.

“A multi-disciplined approach is at the heart of education at Chevalier College, and VET is an integral part of this approach” says VET Leader of Learning Bruce Shepherd. “We deliver work-ready students into our local workforce every week. We have Year 11 students taking up apprenticeships in the local community” he said, “and while these students may or may not be academically driven, they understand the requirements of the greater outside community and start out with an excellent work ethic.”

Chev Year 12 graduates who study Construction most generally pursue careers in the construction industry, and students with VET backgrounds in Hospitality and Primary Industries support themselves through uni with these skills and adapt really well to a variety of career roles.

The Chevalier College Highlands Trades Skills Centre, housing specialist Construction and Agriculture facilities, is a wonderful addition to our VET learning spaces, along with our highly sought after commercial kitchen and cafe used to deliver Hospitality programs. The college farm compliments the delivery of Primary Industry courses at Chev.

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