Peace Prize for Chev’s Ireland at the Model United Nations Assembly debate

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Peace Prize for Chev’s Ireland at the Model United Nations Assembly debate

Six students from Chevalier College participated in a Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) held at the Wingecarribee Shire Council Chambers on Saturday 12 May.

MUNA is a great project, supported by the United Nations, which builds international understanding and gives those participating the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the workings of the United Nations and its member nations.  In this event each participating team is sponsored by a Rotary Club.

Teams of two or three students represent a nation at a simulated Model United Nations Assembly.  The teams debate topics of international concern such as world peace, environmental issues and human rights.

The two teams from Chevalier College were representing Argentina and Ireland.

Chris Bounds who coordinates debating at Chev congratulated both teams, “but particularly Ireland who received the Peace Prize and have been nominated to attend the National MUNA in the Museum of Australian Democracy in August” he said.

Students debating for Argentina were Ava O’Brien (Delegation Chair) in Year 11, Georgie Biggs (Ambassador) – (Year 9) and Maximo Faulkner (Counsellor) – (Year 9).

Ireland was represented by Amanda Longhurst (Delegation Chair) – (Year 10), Ashanti Still (Ambassador) (Year 9) and Acacia McNally-Haddock (Counsellor) (9).

Mr Bounds also expressed his gratitude to the local Rotary Clubs who organised the event for their work and generosity.


The Southern Highland News, 16 May 2018

“On behalf of Chevalier College and our teams, I want to express how valuable an event this is and how much the students enjoyed participating,” he said.

“To see our students interacting socially, and as part of the competition, with other students was a great exercise in community building, and I believe every student left having learned more about the world and about how young people can work to build a better one.

“I hope this event continues and I am sure that Chev will continue to benefit from it.”

Chris Bounds – Chevalier College

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