Past Chev student becomes Royal Society’s youngest Fellow

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Past Chev student becomes Royal Society’s youngest Fellow

Huge congratulations to Dr Geordie Williamson (Class of 1999) on being elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, the world’s most prestigious scientific academy.

We were excited to welcome Dr Williamson back to the college in February 2017 when he took some time out to visit his old school and presented a lecture to more than 200 of our maths students.

Geordie Williamson was 13 when he solved one of his father’s conundrums and realised he had a special knack for numbers.

His father, up on the roof of their Southern Highlands home, was trying to figure out how to mount some solar panels to maximise their exposure to the midday sun… 

READ MORE…   Sydney Morning Herald, 12 May 2018


This is a proud moment too for Fr John Franzmann, a former mentor to Geordie during his high school years at Chev.

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