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In 2001 Chevalier College enrolled its 10,000th student. The College Board had decided, in 2000, to close the boarding houses and over the next few years the number of boarders decreased until the final closure at the end of 2003. 

Staff turnover was always light: this period saw the retirement of several teachers who had been at Chevalier for over 20 years. The student leadership program was updated, with many seniors taking up the offer to become leaders, attending an introductory retreat, and contributing by joining committees to organise and manage various activities and events. A buddy program paired older helpers with the new Year 7 students. The importance of pastoral care was emphasised with a second Assistant Principal for Pastoral Care appointed.

The motto “To be on Earth the Heart of God” began to appear in the school’s writings. A system of lapel bars to recognise long-term and high level achievement in co-curricular events was introduced. Music had been strong for a long time, and now a department of performing arts was formed, caring for music and for drama, which now became part of the official curriculum of study. Vocational education was strengthening, with students winning state and Australian awards.  The library was refurbished and extended. The senior study centre (SILC) was formally established. The nature and format of retreats, and the whole religious education program were revised.

The school’s annual visits to Chevalier College at Abemama in Kiribati began; and there were the customary exchanges with Murasakino High School in Japan, and visits to New Caledonia, Italy and Vietnam.  The Debutante Ball changed its focus, to a Presentation Ball for Year 11 students.

Some Highlights:

  • 2002 Mr Fred Stubenrauch became the first lay Principal.
  • 2003 A strategic plan launched the College’s program for the next five years.
  • 2003 Last year of boarding.
  • 2006 Chevalier begins its 60th year.
  • 2006 The Kerrins Wing was refurbished, the Ched (large outdoor covered area) was constructed; two more science rooms were built.
  • 2008 Mr Chris McDermott was appointed as the new Principal.
  • 2008 Some students attended World Youth Day in Sydney.
  • 2009 The Chevalier College Community Liaison & Development office was established, and closer links were forged with the past students through annual Back to Chev reunion weekends and a number of other programs.


Fred Stubenrauch – 2002 to 2007
Chris McDermott – 2008 – Current

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