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Fr Robert Irwin was appointed Headmaster of Chevalier College in 1990.  He teased out the meaning of the Chevalier spirit in his yearly reports, “If we strive to be a great school, we must remember the ultimate criterion is growth in faithfulness to God and to each other”, building in each student a peaceful sense of self-worth and, in the school, a real community of compassion.

The religious formation program accepted a great deal of responsibility for nurturing and developing Chevalier’s spirit.  It built on the work of previous years: a great deal of involvement in caring groups like Amnesty, St Vincent de Paul, mission groups, riding for the disabled; the work of the College Chaplain; the wonderful experiences of the year retreats.

The 1999 Yearbook Cover featured Sacred Heart Day celebrations of a Century!

The 1999 Yearbook Cover featured the Sacred Heart Day celebrations of a Century!

The other development that set this period of Chevalier’s religious life apart from the others, was in liturgy.  It is difficult to convey in words the atmosphere of two-hour liturgies for the big festivals: Easter, Sacred Heart Day, Christmas.  There were periods of quiet prayer and noisy celebration, talking and singing, drama and ritual and pageantry, light and darkness, water and candles and incense and sparklers and balloons and streamers, even doves and sheep. Everybody was involved.


Fr A. A. Prentice – 1981 to 1986
Fr A. L. Bolt – 1987 to 1989
Fr R. E. Irwin – 1990 to 1996
Fr J. Mulrooney – 1996 to 2001

Some Highlights:

  • 1992  First Youth Minister appointed.
  • 1995  1050 students; 120 boarders.
  • 1996  Chevalier’s Golden Jubilee.
  • 1996  New Science Centre opened.
  • 1997  Chevalier College Board reconstituted.
  • 1999  Shields/Kerrins Boarding House closed.
  • 1999  New Mathematics classrooms and new Art rooms in operation.
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