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When Fr Patterson arrived at Chevalier in 1971, he found that overtures were being made, from the Dominican Sisters at Elm Court in Moss Vale, about some degree of coeducational cooperation between the two colleges.  Some integration was established in 1972 and at the end of that year the Rector reported that the next year would be the beginning of “a new era”.  Indeed, in 1973 all the senior students of both colleges were amalgamated. Fr Franzmann was appointed as Headmaster in 1975.  Even before school began, Fr Franzmann attended a meeting with MSC and Dominincan superiors about fully amalgamating the schools of Elm Court and Chevalier, using both sites.  At the beginning of 1977 Chevalier reopened as Chevalier Elm Court and Chevalier Riversdale.  The College Board was again speaking of the need for a hall/gymnasium.  The school’s chronicler described an attempt to hold a Mass to start the 1977 school year, with the priest in the library vestibule and the congregation on the Kelly wing verandah, with the rain-swept driveway separating them.  Physical education staff and drama and music teachers also dreamed of a suitable venue.  By the end of 1980, McGrath Hall was in operation, able to seat the whole school comfortably, available for liturgies and major ceremonies, with a large stage area, and with flooring suitable for sports.


Fr J. J. Franzmann – 1975 to 1980


Fr I. T. Doneley –  1960 to 1965
Fr J. J. Littleton –  1966 to 1970
Fr V. C. Patterson –  1971 – 1974

Some Highlights:

  • 1970, 320 boarders and over 180 day students; Chevalier was one of the largest boarding schools in NSW.
  • 1971, Silver Jubilee of the College; Jubilee Library opened.
  • 1971, Chevalier Brass Band was formed.
  • 1972, 13 senior girls from Dominican Convent Elm Court began attending science classes at Chevalier.
  • 1973, the first senior girl students attended Chevalier – thirty girls from Elm Court.
  • 1974, formation of a Student Representative Council instead of prefects.
  • 1974, the McMahon Centre – six new classrooms, a staffroom and an administration area were completed.
  • 1975, the P & F Association organised the first debutante ball for the Year 12 girls and their parents.  It was held at the Bowral Country Club.  22 debutantes were presented to Rt Hon T Lewis, Premier of NSW.  The partners were dressed in black dinner suits, with dark green edging to the lapels and front of the coat matching their ruffled shirts, and they wore dark green bow ties.
  • 1976, Student Representative Council disbanded and prefects reintroduced.
  • 1977, Chevalier Elm Court opened for Years 7 and 8, boys and girls.
  • 1977, Chevalier Riversdale took girls and boys from Years 9 to 12.
  • 1977, the College’s Organisational Development Programme began.
  • 1977, MSC Retreat Team established.
  • 1978, Mountaineering Leadership (now Wilderness) included as a HSC subject for the first time.
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