1940s and 1950s

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1940s and 1950s

On 18th February 1946, the first group of permanent residents for the new College of Chevalier arrived at Riversdale from Douglas Park. They were met by Provincial Superior, Father Kerrins.  On 20th February the main group of teaching staff arrived from Douglas Park and immediately made ready to greet the new students.  At the College, they (the first students) had time to wander up the red gravel drive to find their way around the block of five classrooms with the big water tower at the end to explore the dusty track of Charlotte Street, to settle into their temporary dormitory in the old ballroom and the dining room, which they shared with the MSC staff.  Chevalier welcomed 22 boarding students, joined for classes next day by 18 day students, making a complement of 40 students for Chevalier’s first school day, 21st February 1946.


Dr H J Reid – 1946 to 1948
Dr J J McMahon – 1949 to 1951
Fr J T Burford, MSC – 1952 to 1956
Fr G J Kelly, MSC – 1957 to 1959

Some Highlights:

  • Athenaeum – public speaking groups.
  • Formation of the first cadet corps in 1949.
  • Vince Neville was the first to hit a six on the main oval in 1949.
  • Rugby union adopted as a college sport in 1949.
  • First students enrolled from Rabaul in 1949.
  • Outstanding results in Leaving Certificate in 1953.
  • The property known as Bosco House purchased in 1954.
  • Kelly Wing opened in 1959.
  • Enrolment reached 200 in 1959.
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