Parking and Deliveries

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Parking and Deliveries

On-site parking is provided in several locations for visitors, students and staff at Chevalier College.

Generous parking areas for cars and buses are located close to the sporting fields accessible by ‘Riversdale Avenue’ which connects Moss Vale Road to Eridge Park Road, through the centre of the college grounds.

ENTER GATE 4 on Charlotte Street for best access to the service vehicle driveway off the main car park in front of the McMahon Administration Complex. Access ramps are in place for parcel deliveries to the Mail Room, The Chev Shop and Reception.

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Enter GATE 4 on Charlotte Street to find visitor parking for Reception, The Chev Shop, Performing Arts Centre, Library and other facilities in the McMahon Administration Complex and precinct. Best parking for the Multipurpose Hall, McGrath Hall and Prentice Chapel is via Entry GATE 5 on Charlotte Street.

Maintenance and other service vehicles or suppliers should ENTER GATE 1 on Moss Vale Road via ‘Riversdale Avenue’ or ENTER GATE 6 on Eridge Park Road to access the canteen, farm and maintenance precincts.

‘Riversdale Avenue’ (a private road between Gate 1 and Gate 6) also links to the Chevalier College Function Room, Trade Skills Centre, Riversdale House and Riversdale Chapel.

STUDENT DRIVERS are well catered for with their own large parking areas affording vehicle security and safe access to the learning precinct of the college.

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Special pick-up and drop-off arrangements for students during peak times are in place…
NO RIGHT TURN signs are enforced.

We remind parents/caregivers to please observe the arrangements for drop-off and pick-ups during peak times in the mornings and afternoons.  Vehicles must enter and exit via Entrance ‘A’ on Moss Vale Road or Entrance ‘B’ on Eridge Park Road as depicted on the site map.  All vehicles arriving at the Charlotte Street gate will be redirected to the designated drop-off/pick-up points.  The Charlotte Street entrance to the college is accessible ONLY to buses, service vehicles and staff cars during peak times. 

Please observe the NO RIGHT TURN signs in place at both exits from the college to avoid lengthy queues and delays and for the safety of all our children.

Entrance A = Gate 1 | Entrance B = Gate 6

Please view the site map for times and details…


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