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Canteen News – Spring|Summer 2015

The Chev Canteen is pleased to announce the Spring|Summer menu changes for Term 4 2015…


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2015 Canteen Menu and Price List  Term 4 – updated 24/9/15

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Chev goes to AgVision 2015

Earlier this term the Year 10 Agriculture Class had an enlightening day out in Sydney at AgVision 2015 – a one-day agricultural careers expo designed to inform students and educators about the broad range of careers available in agriculture, science


Caring for Kids Online

In July, we had the opportunity to attend a lecture in Canberra presented by Susan McLean as part of a series of presentations organised by Generation Next. The presentation was dynamic, extremely informative and also quite confronting.

Susan has books …



On Friday 21 August almost all of our Year 12 students and quite a few Year 10 and Year 11 students had the opportunity to attend a “mini-Careers expo” in the College Library.

Representatives from the Australian Catholic University, the …


Salute to our Presentation Ball history

The annual Chevalier College Presentation Ball is on September 11 2015. In the lead up to this fabulous event, the Southern Highlands News has published a tribute to get us in the mood…

Southern Highlands News Gallery 4/09/15

Thank you


Josh claims Gold and Silver in Fencing Nationals…

At the beginning of the last school holidays, Chev Year 8 student Josh Jordan won the NSW Under 15 School Boys’ Epee Championships in Sydney. This win meant that Josh was eligible to compete at the Australian Intermediate School Boys’


Sports Finals Report – Nine Winning Teams!

Saturday’s Winter Sports Finals, as expected, had everything!… Wins, draws, losses! Excitement, emotion, exhaustion!

All games were played in warm conditions which affected every team who battled on gamely towards the end of matches, with reserves being a vital part …


Wilderness Studies 2015 – the year so far…

The first two terms for Wilderness Studies have been exciting and action-packed. For those not familiar with the subject, Wilderness is an elective subject that is offered to students from Year Eight to Year Twelve. It is an outdoor education


Five Bells Toll Again

We are pleased to announce the exciting relaunch of the Five Bells Magazine. Originally started in 1997 with English/History Teacher Stephen Holmes at the helm as Editor, the magazine provides a platform for our creative and talented students to publish


SPORTS RESULTS – Saturday 8 August – ISA Round 10

The final competition round of sport was played in beautiful conditions. The icy winds abated and the sun came out for the final games of the season before the semis. Most Chev teams were playing at home and enjoyed the

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