Mock Trial Grand Finalists face a new opponent

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Mock Trial Grand Finalists face a new opponent

With just ten days to go until the 2015 Mock Trial Grand Final on Friday 11 December, our Chevalier College Mock Trial Team members are preparing well and looking forward to their chance to match our 2013 Champion Team, with a Grand Final trophy.

Meanwhile, St Andrews Cathedral School has had to forfeit their opportunity to compete in the final, due to unforeseen circumstances with commitments elsewhere.  This is good news though for St John Paul College in Coffs Harbour who will now claim a Grand Final berth against Chev next Friday, creating the first Grand Final clash between two regional (not city) schools.

Chevalier College Mock Trial Team - 2015 NSW Grand Finalists 1-1

Chevalier College 2015 Mock Trial Grand Finalists, with Barrister and Coach Geoff Beveridge (from left) Brodie Ackroyd, Annabelle Devitt, Harry Fenton, Cameron Douglass, David Bermingham, Mariette Lewis, Jennifer Murnane, Magill Lee

The 2015 school year finished today at Chev, but our Mock Triallers will keep focused on their goal with eyes firmly set on bringing home the trophy!


Further reading in Chev News, 24 November 2015:  Chevalier College 2015 Mock Trial Grand Finalists



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