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Chevalier College House SystemThe well-being of our students is paramount at Chevalier College. The extent and effectiveness of our well-being network secures an orderly, loving environment in consideration of the long-term development and happiness of every student. Care of our students is as personal as possible.

Students become members of a Home Room with whom they remain for the duration of their enrolment. The relationships developed between the students and their Home Room Teachers provide the basis of the network. The work of the Home Room Teachers is supplemented by two Assistant Principals – Well-being; the Assistant Principal – Faith Formation, Mission and Religious Education; the Well-being Coordinators; the College Chaplain; and the College Counsellors.

Community responsibility is based upon a merit system where students lose merits for misbehaviour. Merits can be earned back when students are able to show improved behaviour. The system encourages students to review their behaviour and to improve it. Ultimately, the aim of the well-being system is to develop morally autonomous people who have a sense of the responsibilities essential to membership of a family, community and professional workplace.

The MSC Constitution states:

“In a constant effort to share in the sentiments of the Heart of Christ, we will be attentive to all human needs and aspirations, such as:

The need to be respected as persons, the need for love and peace, for freedom, justice and truth, and the search for meaning in life.

We will become all things to all people by respecting different cultures; and by being ready to undertake whatever apostolic service people may need.”

Well-being at Chevalier College flows from the College’s Mission Statement and has long been seen as one of the great assets for the college. It is clear that well-being begins with every class and is the responsibility of every member of the college. We have been blessed to have amazing MSC priests, wonderful teachers and support staff who genuinely care for the well-being and progress of our students. Teachers, Leaders of Learning, Well-being Coordinators, Counsellors, Diverse Learning staff and, in fact, every person who is part of the Chevalier family sees it as their role to help, guide and support all of the young people at Chevalier College.

Well-being at the college involves promoting and supporting knowledge of self, self-efficacy, healthy risk-taking, goal setting, resilience, negotiation, reflection and empowerment to provide optimal learning and development outcomes.

Student leaders are now fully embedded into the house system with student house leaders also having the role as college vice captains. Many of the previous work that was done by student committees has been passed over to the houses so that all students in the leadership program have an opportunity to lead the college community in major events throughout the year.

Fr Jules Chevalier once said, “If you do not try to give others pleasure, if you believe yourself better than they, if you despise them because they do not share your opinions, if you speak with superiority or distain, then you do not have charity. If you wound them in discussion by your lack of manners or kindness posing as a superior person who claims to know everything and whose judgements are unchangeable, you prove charity is not in you… If someone asks a service of you, do not refuse, if he does not agree with you on some things, do not disagree with him harshly. Avoid disputes, murmurings, mockery and sarcasm.”  In many ways, this is what well-being at Chevalier College is based upon.


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