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Chevalier College takes sustainability and environmental responsibilities seriously.  Over recent years the college has worked towards set targets to reduce our ecological footprint, adopting these simple strategies:

  • Implementation of an Environment Management Plan
  • Using renewable energy wherever possible, either purchased or self-generated
  • Recycling and composting
  • Making eco-friendly purchase choices
  • Reducing waste
  • Retro-fitting energy efficient lights
  • Monitoring energy, water and paper consumption
  • Harvesting rain water
  • Biodegradable packaging in the canteen and Jules Cafe
  • Rewilding our dam and remnant forest ecosystems
  • Creating outdoor learningscapes
  • Environmentally sound building practices
  • Engagement in community campaigns such as Earth Hour and Clean Up Australia

We promote and support environmental awareness and education at Chevalier College to our students, staff and parents because each person’s values and actions can make a difference – for better or worse. By sharing what we do and why we do it can inspire and educate those who wish to move towards living a more sustainable life.

The Chevalier College Sustainability Advisory Committee oversees the many works of others in our community, and works alongside our Student Green Team. Our current generation of students are key to initiating and developing responsible lifetime practices in their own lives, with their families, their community and the planet. Educators need to secure life on this planet for future generations by equipping children with strategies for the wise use of natural and community resources and careful enjoyment of their local environment.

Chevalier College is a member of Sustainable Schools NSW

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Rewilding our dam and remnant forest ecosystems

Rewilding our dam and remnant forest ecosystems

(Chevalier’s Sustainable Future – Southern Highland News, August 2014)




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