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Student Services

Chevalier College Student Services

Student Services – located in the McMahon Administration Centre via Gate 4 on Charlotte Street

Student Services is your ‘go to’ department at Chev for many of the essential every day needs of our students, encompassing:

  • Attendance
  • Student ‘sign in’ and ‘sign out’
    (when arriving at or leaving school outside the normal times)
  • Communication between students and parents/caregivers during school time…
    messages can be relayed via a student ‘runner’ – this communication method during school hours complies with the College Behaviour Code ruling the use of personal electronic devices by students, which must:

“not be used for personal purposes between 8:45am and 3:30pm”
(see Page 15, Behaviour Code > Student Information Booklet)

  • Permission notes return
  • Confiscated items, e.g. phones, iPods, jewellery
  • Lost property – view the latest list at Student Services

Students can request the following from Student Services:

Most forms are available from the pigeon holes as you enter the Student Services foyer.
If you or your child needs a form that cannot be located in the pigeon holes, please check with staff at the counter.

Please consult the following publication for detailed information regarding any of the topics noted above:

Student Services is located in the McMahon Administration Centre via Gate 4 on Charlotte Street, accessed via the western ramp entrance off the car park.  The McMahon Administration Centre is also home to The Chev Shop and Reception / College Office.


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