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Technology at Chevalier

Chevalier College IT provides staff, students and parents access to many contemporary services, including:


All students at Chev bring their own device – an iPad for Years 7–10, and a device of their own choosing – to school daily. To access extensive support documentation for the BYOD Program, go to the Chevalier BYOD website.

Students must bring their device with them on the first day of school so that the device may be set up to connect effectively to the College’s website. It is essential that parents assist their child in setting up an Apple ID. Guidance on this process is provided on the Chevalier BYOD site.

The College provides a Device Management service for students participating in the BYOD iPad program.  This specifies the settings for email and websites, and also offers pre-purchased content (apps and iBooks).

Additional apps used by the BYOD program can be accessed through the App Store – a list of the primary apps can be found by clicking here.

Guidance for purchasing a suitable device for Years 7–10 (iPad) and Years 11–12 (laptop or tablet) is found on this page




The College provides parents with access to a parent portal where parents can see key information about their child’s academic program. IGLOO includes the daily timetable and access to all student semester reports. Access information is provided to parents on enrolment. To update access, please contact the College Administration.



Canvas, our Learning Management System (LMS), is a key part of every Chev student’s educational experience. Canvas provides students with learning resources, assessment tasks notifications and feedback, a mark-book for tracking progress, discussions, their home learning calendar, and much more.

Click the Canvas login button at the top right of the home page.

Click the Canvas login button at the top right of the home page.

Parents can effectively support their children by becoming ‘observers’. This process has been streamlined  to make access and use easier and we would encourage every parent to use their account so they can see what home learning (home work), assessment tasks and projects students need to undertake.

To access Canvas as a parent, go to the Chevalier College website and click on the Canvas button at the top right of the home page. Step-by-step instructions are provided, with video tutorials.

Apple Store Purchasing Portal

Chevalier College has arranged a purchasing portal directly with Apple.

The portal provides a simple method of purchasing Apple products which can be delivered directly to your home address.

To access the portal – Please click this link.


BYOD Repairs

Chevalier recommends that all repairs to equipment are carried out by an Apple authorised repair centre, this ensures a quality repair without voiding the device warranty.

For devices covered by AppleCare+ insurance, an “Express Replacement Service” is offered by Apple, ensuring an expedient turn-around time.

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