Public Speaking and Debating

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Public Speaking and Debating

The ability to speak confidently and to debate in public are skills to be encouraged in our students.  Not only are they useful talents that will be used throughout life in many different situations, but they are also useful skills for oral assessments in the HSC and for practise in thinking rapidly and arranging arguments in a coherent fashion – tools which are helpful for essay writing.

Chevalier students have the opportunity to compete in the HICES debating challenge as well as public speaking competitions such as the local Lions Youth of the Year and Quota public speaking competitions.

The Sydney Morning Herald Plain English Speaking Award gives senior students the opportunity to develop their speech writing and public speaking skills.

In 1981, while a student at Chevalier College, Peter Hartcher was national winner of the Sydney Morning Herald Plain English Speaking competition and won a trip to England where he won the international final the following year.  His career in journalism began the following year with a cadetship at the Sydney Morning Herald.  In 1986, he took up his first overseas posting as the newspaper’s Tokyo correspondent.  On his return to Australia in 1988, Hartcher was made chief political correspondent, a position he held until 1991, when he accepted a job with the Australian Financial Review as Tokyo correspondent.  Between 1995 and 2000 he was the Australian Financial Review’s Asia-Pacific Editor and then went to the US for three years where he was the Washington DC correspondent. In 2004, Hartcher rejoined the Sydney Morning Herald in his current capacity as the newspaper’s political editor and international editor.


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