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Changing of the guard for Chevalier College Cadets in 2017

After some years of discussions and negotiations, new plans for securing the future of a Cadet Unit at the College commenced in 2017.

The Australian Army Cadet Brigade has been reviewing the size of many units under its umbrella and approached the College with a view to our unit being made a community unit; that is, allowing people from outside Chevalier College to join.

After due consideration, the College and the College Board agreed for this to commence in 2017. The unit continues to operate from Chevalier College, but is no longer under the control or jurisdiction of the College. The new unit retains certain iconic connections to us, such as, the unit in operational name 227 ACU (Chevalier) and the Chevalier Knight has been retained for the unit’s insignia.

In its early years, when the College was a boys’ boarding school and membership of Cadets was essentially compulsory, the unit numbers were approximately 300 or more and incorporated a well-regarded Cadet Band. The unit remained very active over the years, but numbers fell significantly, quite likely due to the very large and varied number of alternative activities young people and their families can be engaged in after school and on weekends.

The College is confident that this change will strengthen the Cadet Unit and encourage new membership.

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