Extra Curriculum Program

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Extra Curriculum Program


Extracurricular activities will resume from Monday 15 June to Friday 26 June.

CLICK LINK for details – posted 12/6/10

Andrew Bell
Administrator – Extra Curriculum

Elective and extra curriculum opportunities at Chevalier College encompass sport, performing arts, academia, visual arts, agriculture, social justice and more.

A wide range of extension and enrichment opportunities are also available, including state-wide academic competitions, mock trial, debating and public speaking.  The key learning subjects are all offered in Years 7 to 12, with a wide range of elective subjects introduced to junior students through a ‘taste tester program’ in Year 8.  From Year 9, students are encouraged to elect subjects that cater to their individual interests and educational aspirations.

Elective options broaden further in Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12) when the subject list for senior students deepens the earlier learning experiences, opening up a range of possibilities for career choices and further education.

The College also offers a number of Social Justice, Sporting and Cultural Tours.  The number of tours and the destinations vary from year to year.

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Current list of Extra Curriculum Activities (download PDF)

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