Social Science (HSIE)

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Social Science (HSIE)

In 2020, the Social Sciences and History faculties combined to form the faculty of HSIE (Human Society and its Environment).

…Please revisit this page for updated information before the commencement of Term 1, 2020…

The following information relates to the Social Science faculty, prior to the 2020 change.

The Social Science faculty at Chevalier College provides students with the opportunity to attain knowledge and skills in a wide range of the humanities subjects.  The faculty offers the mandatory Years 7-10 subject of Geography and the elective subject of Commerce for Years 9 and 10.  In the Senior School, students can select any combination of Economics, Business Studies, Geography, Legal Studies and Society and Culture.

Geography is a rich and diverse discipline giving students exposure to two key dimensions:

  • the spatial dimension – where things are and why they are there
  • the ecological dimension – how humans interact with environments.

Studies in Commerce provide knowledge, skills and values that form a foundation to assist young people to make sound decisions in a wide range of areas related to business and finance, consumer issues, legal and employment matters.

In senior courses, students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills related to business and economic matters and issues, the legal system and its processes and studies in societal and cultural structures and processes.

All the Social Science subjects aim to prepare students to be well-rounded individuals.  It is hoped that they will carry with them fundamental values and perspectives founded on the MSC ethos of heart spirituality, ready to promote these values and the decisions they underpin to make the world a more just place and to contribute to an ecologically sustainable future.

Fieldwork and Independent Learning

Students are involved in a variety of experiences other than in the classroom. Stage 4 Geography students participate in lessons outdoors on the Chev campus, as particular knowledge and skills components of the Stage 4 course dictate.  Year 9 Geography students undertake a day field trip to the Illawarra Coast as part of their study of the topic ‘Coastal Management’.  Senior Geographers typically undertake fieldwork ranging from local area biophysical studies and natural resource management studies to urban studies and visits to a dairy farm.  Year 11 Society and Culture students visit a Mosque in Auburn in order to further their understanding of the Muslim faith.  Year 10 Geography students undertake primary research investigation as part of the Research Action Plan.  Year 9 Commerce students have the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in the area of business management.  In groups, students design a “business” to develop and market a product which they then test on the school community.


Students have the opportunity to participate in the following competitions:

Australian Geography Competition:

The Australian Stock Exchange Sharemarket Game:

Students from Year 9 to Year 12 are encouraged to develop their skills in financial management.  Students form syndicates and compete over a three-month period to make a capital gain on an initial nominal $50,000 investment.

The Australian Financial Literacy Assessment:

With a strong focus on independent learning, we encourage our students to take full advantage of the resources and current technology that play such a vital role in the development and attainment of this goal in Social Science.

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