Religious Education (RE)

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Religious Education (RE)

The Religious Education Department at Chevalier College is grounded firmly in the tradition and ongoing spirit of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, within the Catholic Church.

Chevalier College students study religion from Year 7 through to Year 12.  In Year 12, students have the choice to sit for the Higher School Certificate in Catholic Studies, Studies of Religion One Unit or Studies of Religion Two Unit.  The latter two courses only apply to the students’ University entrance mark.  The Stage 4 and 5 course engages the minds of today’s learners by introducing interesting and engaging content and teaching experiences.  The course enables students to find links to their own lives.

The religious education program strives to develop each student’s knowledge, skills and values through academic study, including moral and spiritual guidance, contributing to their overall personal development.

Experiences such as yearly retreats, class masses, social justice initiatives, excursions to experience other faith traditions and community fundraising for environmental concerns contribute to this formation. The study of Religion within the Catholic context challenges students to look at our rapidly changing and diverse world, providing a platform for ethical and moral decision making.

Students of all abilities are provided with the opportunity to learn through differentiated teaching and learning strategies by our dedicated team of Religious Education teachers.


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