Stage 4 Music – Year 7

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Stage 4 Music – Year 7

Students participate in the mandatory Music Program in Year 7.

The course involves the study and development of Music Appreciation through the components of:

  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Listening

All students enjoy a wide range of practical experiences, which include:

  • singing
  • keyboards
  • violins
  • drums
  • guitars
  • percussion

The culmination of these experiences result in a concert held in late November, where parents and friends are invited to attend.

Students also enjoy the experiences of working with computer software that includes programs such as Garage Band and Sibelius to compose and notate music.

As an extension of class music, students are able to take part in the Instrumental Program offered at the College.  They may elect to take individual music lessons, which can be organised through the Performing Arts Centre.  Students come out of class on a rotational basis to avoid too much disruption to their academic classes.

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