Drama Curriculum

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Drama Curriculum

Drama – Stages 4 & 5

Drama at Chevalier College is offered as an elective in Year 8 for a semester and as a two year elective in Years 9 and 10.

We provide students with opportunities to explore social, cultural, ethical and spiritual beliefs, including the diverse values of Australian culture through drama.

Self-confidence, motivation and self-esteem are developed through the devising, workshopping, rehearsing and performing of individual and collaborative works.

Studying drama at Chevalier College engages and challenges students to maximise their individual abilities through imaginative and dramatic experiences created in cooperation with others.


Drama – Stage 6

Students of Drama at Chevalier College follow the NSW Board of Studies and Educational Standards (BOSTES) Syllabus, developing skills in making, performing and critically studying a variety of dramatic and theatrical forms.

This course is designed for students to experience, understand, enjoy and value drama as a social, collaborative and creative art form and as an expression of culture.

Students are given the opportunity to attend performances both locally and in Sydney.  Students are also given the opportunity to perform regularly in class and school concerts.

Attending workshops presented by outside tutors with differing skills form a vital part of the drama student’s experience at Chevalier College.

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