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The purpose of this course is to introduce students to dance.  The aim of the Year 9 Dance course is for students to experience, understand, value and enjoy dance as an art form through three interrelated studies and of the elements of dance:

  1. Dance Appreciation – as a means of describing and analysing dance as an expression of their ideas with a social, cultural and historical context.
  2. Dance Composition – as a means of creating and structuring their movement to express and communicate ideas.
  3. Dance Performance – as a means of developing basic dance technique and performance qualities to communicate ideas and demonstrate their understanding of safe dance practice, dance technique in the performance of combinations, sequences and dance styles.

Throughout the dance syllabus, students learn to value and appreciate their role in the study of dance as an art form and their involvement as a performer, composer, audience member and how this contributes to their learning.  Students also experiment with performance spaces and choreography and collaborate and engage in the study of the function of dance.

The dance syllabus has been developed to make dance accessible to all students.  It caters for students with previous experience of dance as well as those without any prior knowledge of the study of dance.  The study of dance in Year 9 is a pathway provided to the study of dance at Stage 6 (HSC) in the near future.

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