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In the spirit of the mission statement of Chevalier College, the aim of the members of the Mathematics Faculty is to play an active role in helping all students to develop fully in their faith, in their intellectual and cultural growth and in their personal and physical areas.

A key factor in any person’s development is the mind. The duty of the Mathematics department is the encouragement of intellectual progress by challenging each individual to achieve his or her best. This can be realised by a diverse curriculum which is suited to the needs of individuals, thus leading to a broad and balanced outlook on life. Interaction with other members of the community is an integral part of social development.

It is our belief that Mathematics is a unique language and that it is our responsibility to translate this language and to give students confidence in using it as a form of communication. Mathematics is an integral tool used to solve problems across a broad range of key learning areas. We look for opportunities to allow students to make connections between Mathematics and other areas of the curriculum.

We believe in striving for best practice teaching methods and make this a focus of our teaching programs and faculty time. We believe that students learn in different ways and so we look for opportunities to present concepts in a variety of formats to suit all needs. We encourage our students to strive to be independent learners, to be co-operative learners and to develop a sense of resilience.

The Mathematics curriculum is unlike many others in that it builds on skills and concepts through each stage. Students are encouraged to make connections between the concepts they study and how these form a part of the greater Mathematics curriculum through all stages.


Pi Shop is an after school resource centre for Mathematics. The Pi Shop is a place where students are given an opportunity to immerse themselves in Mathematics and to access the support of experienced teachers. Students may use this resource to explore their interests in Mathematics, to prepare for assessment tasks, to seek support in understanding specific concepts or simply to network with other mathematicians.

Pi Shop is conducted in the Chevalier Library at the following times during terms:

Wednesday:  3:45 – 5:00pm
Thursday:  3:45 – 5:00pm

Please check the Daily Notices for any updates to Pi Shop days.

Letter to Parents – 3 February 2017

Using MATHS PATHWAY with Year 7

This year at Chevalier College, we will completely revamp the way mathematics is taught in Year 7. We have been dissatisfied with the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to development and learning, and we want a program that is ‘just right’ for every child…  CLICK HERE to read more…

Abi Parsons
Leader of Learning – Mathematics


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